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We have developed the '360 Estimated Position' to provide a rich source of feedback to the individual. To view the instruction sheet sample, please click on this link:

360 EP rev1 example

To view the slides explaining content and process for the 360EP, please click this link:

360 Estimated Position

If you would like to use the '360 Estimated Position' for yourself or with your team, please contact us at

Below is an example of the introductory letter that would accompany this exercise, followed by a summary of the content:


Introduction – ‘Feedback is the Food of Champions’

A key part to any development programme is the available feedback that helps us check ‘where we have got to’, or your EP –Estimated Position. We need to take stock occasionally to see if we are making progress towards the goals we have set ourselves, and to see if they are still relevant.

The entire focus of the 360 degree EP is to provide supportive and constructive feedback to our colleagues so that they can continue to move forward both as individuals and team members.

There is always a link between this feedback and the competencies of our current role. In fact, this exercise will help you and your colleagues to create and enhance the plans for personal development and growth.

Instructions – an example is provided.



What Happens Next


Thank You and Good Luck