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Knowledge Management

Reading List

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff - Richard Carlson PhD, pub Hyperion
ISBN: B00005Y3V8

New Patterns in Management – Rensis Likert

Artful Work – Dick Richards
ISBN: 0425159140

Setting Your Genius Free – Dick Richards
ISBN: 042516165X

Now Discover Your Strengths – Marcus Buckingham
ISBN: 0743207661

First Break All The Rules – Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.
ISBN: 0743219872

Passages - Gail Sheahey ( Life Stages)
ISBN: 0553271067

Career Anchors
ISBN: 0883900300

Looking at Type (MBTI)
ISBN: 0935652094

FIRO - a 3-dimensional Theory

Managing the People Side of Innovation
8 Rules for Engaging Minds and Hearts
AJ Chopra
ISBN: 1-56549-098-3

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