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Taking Your Bearings - The Stock Take

If you or your organisation has an identifiable capability gap from the summary list below, Compass House will have a proven solution to support you:

The Organisation

  1. Has the organisation audited and understood its competitive environment and market position?
  2. Has it fully appreciated the expectations of stakeholders and its statutory responsibilities?
  3. Has it identified its key resources, capabilities and sources of competitive advantage?
  4. What headline strategies are in place to shape and protect the organisation's future and does each strategy have specific board sponsorship?
  5. Are board members clear about their individual and collective accountabilities and the way these contribute to organisational performance?
  6. Is there a rigorous annual review of organisational, board and individual performance and is this clearly reported?

The Directors

  1. Is each director's development linked with the company strategy and business development?
  2. Is the organisation clear about each director’s capability and potential?
  3. Does each director have a development plan that they have been personally involved in creating?
  4. Are key strategic projects used to develop current and future board members and the business?
  5. Do directors have access to the opportunities and resources they need for effective development?
  6. Are all directors actively involved in the development of others?