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Knowledge Management

Reading List

Role of the Company Director

The Company Director’s Desktop Guide – David M Martin
ISBN: 1854182943

Strategic Business Direction

Exploring Corporate Strategy, G Johnson and K Scholes
ISBN: 0273687344

The Balanced Scorecard – Kaplan & Norton, pub Harvard Business School Press
ISBN: 0875846513

The Machine that Changed the World – James P Womack
ISBN: 0892563508

Finance for non Financial Directors

Using and Interpreting Company Accounts – Wendy McKenzie
ISBN: 0273663127

Preparing Company Plans – Harry Jones (A Gower Workbook)
ISBN: 0566023245

Effective Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing Management, C Gilligan and R Wilson, Butterworth (1997)
ISBN: 0750659386

The Discipline of Market Leaders – Treacy & Wierseman, pub Harper Collins.
ISBN: 0201407191

Organising for tomorrow

The Fish Rots From the Head, B Garratt, Harper Collins (1996)
ISBN: 186197616X

In Search of Excellence – Peters & Waterman, pub Profile Business
ISBN: 1861977166

ZAPP ! The Lightning of Empowerment – William Byham, pub Century Business
ISBN: 0712680357

Who Cares Wins – Peter Savage, pub Management Books
ISBN: 1852522771

The Wisdom of Teams – Katzenbach & Smith
ISBN: 0875843670